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Now that the rainy season has passed, it’s a perfect time to fix up your yard for Summer BBQ season.

Have backyard pots that need to be freshened up? You can bring your pots into Green Gardens Nursery and our creative staff can help pick out the perfect plant mix to thrive in your yard. Even better, we will plant up your pots for no additional charge. If your pots are too large to bring in, take some pictures and we can deliver and plant up your pots without even having to get your hands dirty.

Looking to start a vegetable or herb garden? We’d love to help you find the perfect mix of herbs and vegetables that will grow well in your backyard. It’s the perfect time to plant cilantro, dill, arugula, kale, and lettuces to enjoy in fall salads. Or consider nightshade vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant so you can pick their ripe fruit from the vine into early winter. If you have kids, getting them involved with growing their vegetables is a great way to get them excited about eating them!

Considering going with a drought tolerant landscape? Green Gardens Nursery has an extensive selection of drought tolerant plants that are not only beautiful but great for conserving water. Choose from a large selection of succulents, cactus, Agave, native California flowers, vines like Bougainvillea, and trees.

Looking to add some color to your flower beds? Sun or shade, choose from hundreds of colorful flowers that add immediate curb appeal. Our friendly staff can help you pick out the perfect mix of flowers and educate you on how to care for your new plants.

Enjoy fresh citrus in your food and drinks? It’s so healthy and rewarding being able to grow fresh fruit in your own backyard! Add a Meyer Lemon tree to your yard to use in fish and chicken recipes or make a morning lemon water detox. Lime trees can provide you with fresh limes for margaritas and tacos. Grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines make a sweet and healthy snack that is a perfect addition to your lunches or breakfast. Don’t forget to pick up an avocado tree! Southern California is the best place in America to grow avocados, so take advantage of our climate and enjoy an endless supply of avocado toast.

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