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Family owned and operated since 1978, Green Gardens Nursery serves the local community with quality plants, organic supplies, and a wealth of knowledge from our friendly staff.
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Custom Creations

Looking for a custom color bowl or an amazing succulent arrangement? Choose a pot from our extensive selection or bring in your own and our creative plant stylists will build a unique creation that is just what you've been looking for. Custom creations also make...

Get Your Yard Party Ready

Now that the rainy season has passed, it's a perfect time to fix up your yard for Summer BBQ season. Have backyard pots that need to be freshened up? You can bring your pots into Green Gardens Nursery and our creative staff can help pick out the perfect plant mix to...

Indoor Plants

Come into Green Gardens Nursery and work with our knowledgeable staff to find the perfect indoor plant for your home. Not only can indoor plants transform a room’s aesthetic, but they also have the ability to boost mood, increase creativity, lessen stress, improve...

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what our friends have to say

I absolutely LOVE Green Gardens Nursery! The staff are unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable, kind and patient.
We moved to the neighborhood a year ago and  have purchased 90% of our plants and pots there (and we now have A LOT of plants). What makes it even better is that I was totally new to gardening and always thought I had a black thumb as opposed to a green one. Well, with the help of the team at Green Gardens we now have a beautiful plant-filled home with plants I am able to care for. And, when I have made some plant-parenthood whoopsies, the team have taught me how to resuscitate my green babes! Thank you Green Gardens for your excellent service and fabulous plant produce!

- Angie M.

I always come back here to pick up plants that brighten my home! The staff are super informative and give great design ideas as well as general plant maintenance tips. I had a bunch of questions on how to keep my plant alive and they very patiently answered all of them. The nursery also has a really cool set up and it’s really homey and gives you a glimpse of how the plants could look in your home.

- Melissa B.

Large and beautiful space. They had an endless supply of plants as well as a nice gift shop area. I found everything I was looking for here. I left with a large cactus and a nice pot for it, some decorative rocks, and other succulents. Affordable prices and wow- the nicest people!! I loved my experience here and will definitely return for more plants. - Kimberly K.